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Adlington – new dwelling approved

Adlington – new dwelling approved

Full Planning permission has been granted for the redevelopment of previously developed land comprising one new dwelling in lieu of existing domestic outbuildings on land in Adlington.

The proposals comprised the replacement of the existing buildings on the site with a modest single storey dwelling of no greater footprint or volume.  The proposals are designed so that they will have no greater impact on the Green Belt than the existing buildings.

The proposed two bedroomed bungalow will sit over the footprint of the existing buildings and will have no greater spread across the site.  The proposed ridge and eaves heights are low.  The materials will be traditional, black timber cladding with a slate roof, similar to the timber buildings they will replace.

The new dwelling is designed to appear discreet and appropriate to its semi-rural setting.  The scale is modest, the detailing is simple, the choice of materials is restrained and refers to the existing buildings, with black timber cladding and slate.