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Lucy Stray

Lucy Stray

Recent Projects

Architectural Assistant
BSc(Hons), RIBA Part 1

Lucy joined Hayes & Partners in August 2016 as an architectural Assistant.

As part of the planning team Lucy carries out measured surveys of existing buildings and prepares proposals for planning submissions.

What Lucy says:

“At first I was apprehensive about starting work as an architectural assistant.  Graduates working at other offices told me their first year in practice entailed fetching a lot of tea and acting as draughtsman for other people’s designs, but this is definitely not the case at Hayes & Partners.

From the offset I have been given the opportunity to design in my own way – testing my creative ability and intellect, combining the skills learnt in university with practical application at planning stage.

The design briefs I was given in my degree were generally large-scale new public buildings, either in the middle of a city or in the middle of nowhere.  In contrast, Hayes & Partners allows me to work with existing and listed buildings.  Each project has its own unique character and demands a more conscientious and sympathetic approach to its context – something I never fully appreciated as a student.

My confidence and ability to communicate every part of a project through drawings has drastically improved, I believe this will be invaluable when I return to university for my part 2.”