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Hillmoor Farm

Hillmoor Farm


Rough Hey Ltd


Eaton, Cheshire


Conversion of barns into 4 new dwellings

Landscape Design

Barnes Walker

Planning Authority

Cheshire East




Rough Hey Ltd

Originally, planning consent was granted for permission to convert the smallest barn on the site to a dwelling.  During the Cheshire East moratorium on new dwellings, Hayes & Partners gained consent to transfer the planning consent from the small barn to a larger barn on the same site.  The large barn would then be converted to a seven bedroom home and the small barn demolished.

When Rough Hey Ltd bought the site Hayes & Partners were asked to, and subsequently achieved, planning consent to convert the large barn into three dwellings and retain the small barn for a fourth.

During initial site investigations it was discovered that a protected species, brown long-eared bats, were present in the large barn.  In order for the development to go ahead the bats needed to be re-homed.  After successful negotiation with the local authority, Hayes & Partners achieved permission to replace an old stable on the site with a brick garage block (to serve the new dwellings), which contains a new purpose-built bat loft over the central section.

The project was completed in 2014.  The four dwellings are heated by a communal bio-mass unit to meet the requirements of Eco-Homes Excellent standard (equivalent CSH Code 4).